About us

Grupo Gira S.A. is a Travel Agency centered in the market of the travelers that require programs of specialized trips, professional events, entrepreneurial missions and business travels to Cuba. 

So, Grupo Gira´s main goal is to consolidate its quality of receptive of excellence for tour-operators, tourism agencies and sales agents that require tourism support services in Cuba, focusing on the market of the travelers that visit the island trough customized trip programs and specialized tourism: incentives trips packages, participation in events and cultural manifestations, professional exchanges and business meetings.

Grupo Gira provides flexibility, adapting programs to the client’s expectations even if these are not part of the touristic offers currently marketed; and efficiently answers to last minute demands.

That´s why Grupo Gira acts as an agency able to design highly customized touristic packages, with a portfolio of products mainly related to professional exchanges, events and business meetings in the Island, allowing this way an efficient and pleasant use of the visitor´s stay in Cuba.


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